Dear Sid

12 Nov

sid and nancy

I am wondering if you could give me some relationship advice today. I know that your relationship with your girlfriend Nancy Spurgeon was kind of rocky, so I plan to kind of sort through what you say. It’s more like what shouldn’t I do in order to make a relationship work.I’m sorry if this kind of offends you, but even you would have to admit that your relationship with Nancy was something less than healthy. Please tell me how did you and Nancy handle disagreements? The two of you are often portrayed as being drugged up constantly, so was that a reason that the two of you argued the day that you were accused of stabbing her? It must have been so sad for you to be accused of this. I wonder if you really remember what happened that day, or was it all a fog? And with all of the problems the two of you had, how did you agree to a death pact? I was felt sad when I learned about how you and Nancy died, and I thought you should know the music world is a little less fantastic without you in it.

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