Dear Mr. Clemente

19 Nov

I don’t know if you have heard about the recent typhoon called Haiyan that hit The Philippines or not, but it was flat out awful. Robert, I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I know that during your lifetime you spent time during your off season from baseball doing a lot of charity work. You donated time, baseball equipment, and of course that valued commodity food to those in need. In fact you were en route to deliver assistance to individuals who were affected by an earthquake in Nicaragua. So, I figure you might be a good person to get an opinion from about who is to blame for all of the devastation in those islands.


Now, I know that nobody can be blamed for a storm occurring, but how emergencies are handled is something people can be blamed for isn’t it? There are individuals stating that corruption among government is the reason for the devastating impact of the storm. Personally, I think that was part of the problem, but do you think that maybe the limited financial resources of the country may be a problem. While The Philippines isn’t the poorest nation on earth, I’m sure they don’t have loads of money there either. So how do they pay for the extra safety features in building that would help prevent some of this damage?

There are also individuals blaming looters for the problem. Really? I mean they are making things worse, but I think a lot of them are probably just looking for food and water. I think it’s more appropriate to blame people for not listening to warnings about the storm, but hey what do I know?
And Roberto can you answer the most important question, why do we keep seeing this same thing happen over and over? We’ve seen it happen in New Orleans, and now The Philippines, why can’t more be done to prepare for these catastrophes?

Anyway, Roberto, I hope you let me know what you think of all of this and how we can avoid some of this in the future.

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