Dear Mr. Glidden

26 Nov

I was wondering if you give me some advice on how to receive a patent.  I know that you successfully patented barbed wire over a hundred years ago. So I’m pretty sure that you have an idea of how to patent an item. My first question is how did you decide that your product was an original? And was it difficult to put together that application?

Now I read that you had someone dispute your claim that you were the actual inventor of barbed wire. How exactly did you deal with this? I’m assuming you were able to prove that you invented barbed wire since you are still credited with the invention, and the huge amount of wealth you acquired due to the patent. How did you handle the frustrations that went along with those legal battles? And is there any way that if I decide to file for a patent that I could avoid these legal battles?

Did you have any idea how your invention would change the landscape of the country? I mean the country went from having wide open areas of prairies that buffalo and humans could navigate, but after barbed wire was introduced to the area. People and animals could no longer navigate freely through the area.

I know that you were not a selfish man due to the fact that you donated your homestead to what is now Northern Illinois University.

Is there anything that you would do differently if you had it to do over again Mr. Glidden? Would you still file that patent, or would you just let things go?

I’m looking forward to the valuable advice you can provide me about obtaining a patent.




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