Mikhael Paskalev

3 Dec

Remember the movie Risky Business with Tom Cruise dancing around in his underwear?  That’s what watching Mikhael Paskalev’s video for the song I Spy reminded me of. That’s mainly because Paskalev is dancing around in his underwear during the video.

The song has a fun fast pace, the tune is catchy, and it’s easy to sing along with. And when it ends I found myself saying hey why’d you stop? I was having fun. So I played it again, and I wasn’t disappointed the second time I listened to the song either. And this time I really noticed the guitar in last half of the song. There is just something about the way it was being played that I really enjoyed. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I know that I liked it.


Jive Babe EP
While the melody is real upbeat, the lyrics are a little thoughtful. The chorus’ lyrics contain the line, “I Spy with my little that to fall is connected to trying.” That line can be either encouraging or discouraging depending on your point of view in life. Personally, I found it to be encouraging. It reminded me that even if things I try don’t work out the way I planned, at least I did try to do it.

The song has been a big hit in Paskalev’s homeland of Norway, and hopefully he will gain some exposure in the States since his music is so much fun to listen to.

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