Sam’s Story Series

11 Dec

I recently read the second book in the Sam’s Story series, and I really enjoyed the book. There are currently two books in the series, and they are both well written books by Amy Crusan-Kramer. The first book in the series focuses in on Samantha Skylar’s life in a small town in WV. Samantha is 14 and she becomes pregnant. Samantha faces tragedy, and she decides to move to Atlanta. Samantha meets a gentleman who becomes her caretaker. Not in a weird sexual way, but more like a person who provides her with a home so that she can heal and move forward in life.

sams story book 2
Sam’s Story: Book Two (Skylar Trilogy)
In the second book, Sam is still in Atlanta, and a few years have passed. Sam’s life is full, she has great people in life that she loves, and they love her. She is a 20 something girl living life to its fullest. She is provided with great opportunities. And she takes advantage of them, and then one weekend changes everything in her life.

Like I mentioned earlier, this both of these books are well-written. But they do take a lot of commitment in reading since both are fairly lengthy. The books are stories about life and the opportunities it presents, and the tragedies that cause individuals to change drastically. I recommend this book to individuals who are looking for a new author, who writes romances with a twist.

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