Sahara Lounge

12 Dec

Sahara Lounge from Putumayo Presents was released in the year 2000, but it is still a cd I enjoy listening to on Sunday afternoons when I’m lazing around reading book, and writing blog posts. The music on the cd is a mix of the best of the Saharan world in the year 2000.

I really enjoy the variety of music on this cd. It has a little bit of a traditional Arab sound mixed with electronic beats. My absolute favorite song is by Nabiha Yazbeck called Astahel. The song is smooth, and relaxing. And her voice is absolutely beautiful. The song definitely has a seductive feel to it. I wish that I could find a translation of the lyrics because I’m sure that it would bring further meaning to the song.
sahara lounge


The other artists on the cd are equally talented, but Yazbeck’s song is the one that really sticks with me each time I listen to it. If you want to explore what music in other parts of the world song like Sahara Lounge might be a good place for you to start your exploration.

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