Another State of Mind: Social Distortion, Youth Brigade and Minor Threat

28 Dec

Another State of Mind is the 1982 documentary about the punk bands Social Distortion, Youth Brigade and Minor Threat’s tour. This movie shows how the ambitious desire to bring their music to the different punk communities throughout the country.

another state of mind

 Another State of Mind

Another State of Mind focuses in on these bands, and the communities they visit during the documentary. It some footage from the bands shows. But most importantly it shows how diverse the punk community was at the time. It shows how different individuals became involve in the punk scene. And it shows how the bands really did want to make their shows about more than money.

Unfortunately, the bands had a few lessons to learn on their trip. One being that money is a little more important than they realized.

I watched Another State of Mind several years ago. Umm, more than I would care to admit. And I liked it then, but as I watched the documentary again, I remembered the time when punk really was about an attitude you had, and not about style. It really was about marching to your own beat. And that is one of the things I liked so much about punk rock.

If you’ve never seen Another State of Mind, and you enjoy seeing what music was like back in the day, you should definitely check out this film.

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