heidiMy name is Heidi, and I live in Indiana. This blog is about books, movies, music, and maybe a few other interests I have in life.

My tastes in books are pretty diverse. They include, but are not limited to science fiction, graphic novels, historical books, and of course the fun books like the Stephanie Plum series.

My tastes in movies run along the same lines. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I also love the quirky movies like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

And of course I love most forms of music. So you’re going to see a lot of music reviews. I just like to let others know that there is a lot of music out there that we don’t hear on the radio.

So if you’re a writer, musician, or know about something quirky in the world of entertainment. Drop me a line, tell me about it, and maybe just maybe there will be a review of it on Here’s The Best.

Copyright Heidi Fuqua All Rights Reserved 2014.

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