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St. Paul and the Broken Bones

1 Jan

St. Paul and the Broken Bones is a r & b band from Birmingham Alabama. And this band doesn’t hold back. Their music will take you back to the late 60’s when soul music was hot, and packed full of energy. You know when a song really expressed how it felt to be in love, and then how you felt when loved ended. And their music is pretty soulful. It’s packed full of horns, guitar, and great lyrics.

St.Paul and the broken bones



The song Broken Bones and Pocket Change has a slow bluesy feel to it. It’s the song that you listen to over and over when a relationship ends. Somehow the lyrics all she left me with is broken bones and pocket change really do remind you of exactly how you feel about your relationship the first few days after a relationship ends.

My absolute favorite track on their new release is Champagne Halloween. Why? I think it’s the mainly the songhas the a little bit of a psychedelic sound to it. It kind of reminds me of the songs by Cambodian Space Project that I love so much. Or it could be the title of the song Champagne Halloween I mean you just have to listen to a sing with a title like that don’t you?

So if you like a soul music, and you’re looking for a new band give St. Paul and the Broken Bones a try they won’t disappoint you.


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Old Crow Medicine Show

8 Dec

When I think of the Grand Ole Opry, I think of Minnie Pearl and Johnny Cash. I usually don’t imagine a bunch of young guys playing on that stage. And I admit it’s not really something I pay much attention to. But when I found out the Old Crow Medicine Show was a part of the Grand Ole Opry, I thought maybe it’s time to pay more attention to what goes on in Nashville.

old crow medicine show

Carry Me Back
Old Crow Medicine Show is a group of seven guys, who worked their way through the music industry the hard way. They started playing their blue grass old timey music on street corners. And they were on the right street corner one day because they caught eye of an icon in the folk scene, and after a few years they now have a platinum selling single. So all of you buskers reading this don’t give up, the dream really does come true sometimes.

These guys don’t play the southern rock you hear on most country stations, they play country music the way it was played in the early days of radio. And that is a lot of the reason I think they are great. These are guys that haven’t traded the sound they love for a formula that would bring them fast money. They have stuck with a string band sound, and it’s brought them success.

So listen to that platinum selling sing Wagon Wheel, and see for yourself why these guys deserve all the praise they are receiving.

The Puppini Sisters

1 Dec

The Puppini Sisters are a female trio that always seems to put together perfect harmonies. Their music is most closely related to The Andrews Sisters. While some of the songs the ladies sing are their recreations of those standard swing hits like It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got No Swing, the ladies have decided to recreate newer songs with a swing twist. The best example of this is Walk Like An Egyptian. Some of you might remember the song from the 80’s by The Bangles.

And then there is their unique version of that disco classic by Gloria Gaynor I Will Survivor. You will recognize the song, but it’s not like the original version at all.

The ladies have released six albums, and they were working on another as of last spring. I really can’t wait to see what they come up with this time.

Zombie Ghost Train

25 Nov

I started watching the Walking Dead series on Netflix. I haven’t gotten through the entire series yet, but I decided that I should share a little Zombie music with everyone. And Zombie Ghost Train is the band I’ve chosen.

Dealing the Death Card

While the band is no longer together, it made an impact on the psychobilly world. The bands are reported to have been great fun. And if you can’t tell from the band’s name, the music deals with zombies and such. It’s fast music like most rockabilly music, but psychobilly is a sub group of the rockabilly world. And it has attracted fans from the goth world too. So you can just imagine that the shows were pretty rowdy.

But their music is so much fun, and that is why they are still a group I enjoy listening to. The song Graveyard Queen is actually a love song. Where the singer is singing about his love who has died and she is now the Graveyard Queen.  The tempo of the song is fast, so it makes it a fun song.

I’ve heard reports that the lead singer of this band has formed a new spaghetti western band, and I hope that is true because if the new band has the entertainment value that Zombie Ghost Train has it will certainly be something I want to listen to.

Dear Georgianna

21 Nov

You know how you feel when you realize that a relationship isn’t going to work out, and you say it’s time to move on? But at the same time you just can’t. Everywhere you go you see other people having a good time, and you want to but you just can’t. Well that’s what Dear Georgianna’s new song Get Over You is all about. It’s a song that most everybody can relate to, and it’s the perfect song to listen to when you are going through break up recovery.

But not all of her music is about breaking up. Her song Wanna Be In Love has a real pop feel to it. Not the hyped up feel of current pop music, but the feel of the 60’s pop music. It’s fun to listen to. And she has a great voice. It’s a little bit sweet and a little bit sad at the same time.

This is a girl to keep your eye on, because I’m sure she will be around the music scene for quite a while.

Salam Pax

17 Nov

A couple of years ago during the Iraq War, there was a blogger in Iraq who inspired a song by Don Arbor. The song is titled Salam Pax. I have to admit I was just introduced to Don Arbor’s music, and this song really made an impression on me. The song is a peace anthem that really shows that Don has some strong beliefs about what should be like. It’s a song worth listening to, and the video is great. In fact it won a couple of awards.

Don’s other music is fairly diverse some of his songs like Another Day in Paradise are about a lazy day relaxing. While other songs are about the bigger issues in life, if you haven’t heard his music watch the video and visit his website to learn more about his music.don arbor

The Baboons

14 Nov

It always surprises me when I hear great Rockabilly music from Europe. I don’t know why maybe because it’s such an American form of music. Or maybe it’s because Rockabilly was the very beginnings of Rock and Roll, and once again it’s American. But The Baboons there are loads of great Rockabilly bands in Europe, and The Baboons are one of them.

The song Drinkin’ Gasoline definitely has that Johnny Cash guitar feel to it. The song is all about a break up, and things have gone bad in someone’s life. It’s classic rockabilly. But the guitar work in the song is what really made me love the song.
the baboons
Their website says they will be touring the US soon, and I sincerely hope they visit a city near me so that I have a chance to hear them play because I think it would be an awesome show.

Dear Sid

12 Nov

sid and nancy

I am wondering if you could give me some relationship advice today. I know that your relationship with your girlfriend Nancy Spurgeon was kind of rocky, so I plan to kind of sort through what you say. It’s more like what shouldn’t I do in order to make a relationship work.I’m sorry if this kind of offends you, but even you would have to admit that your relationship with Nancy was something less than healthy. Please tell me how did you and Nancy handle disagreements? The two of you are often portrayed as being drugged up constantly, so was that a reason that the two of you argued the day that you were accused of stabbing her? It must have been so sad for you to be accused of this. I wonder if you really remember what happened that day, or was it all a fog? And with all of the problems the two of you had, how did you agree to a death pact? I was felt sad when I learned about how you and Nancy died, and I thought you should know the music world is a little less fantastic without you in it.


11 Nov

Leadsucker is one of those great punk bands that pretty much nobody knows about. The Ohio based band was started by PJ Hearn  after he felt a need to be able to say what he thought about what is going on in the world. And in their album debut album Burn the group says exactly what it thinks.


Like a lot of punk music the songs on the album are short and straightforward. Most of the songs on the album are a minute or under, but the length of the songs doesn’t matter. The music gets it’s point across. The group is mad about how the government often views individuals as numbers and statistics instead of viewing them as individuals.

The song America Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You points out that the government doesn’t always do what’s best for the people, but that it often does what is best for the government. The song is angry, and the lyrics will probably make more than a few people unhappy. But isn’t that part of the point of punk? Punk was started by individuals who didn’t fit in anywhere and viewed the world a little different than your average joe.

I really like this album because it encourages people not to just accept what they are being told, but to think for themselves. And that sometimes when we think for ourselves we come up with an opinion that is not liked by everyone. If you’re a fan of punk or heavy metal, you should really give this band a listen because the album is sure to make you think.

Kitty Daisy and Lewis

6 Nov

I first heard Kitty Daisy and Lewis on National Public Radio. Not necessarily the place you expect to find new music, but I have an open mind. I listened to the interview, and thought these guys sound pretty cool. Then they played some of their music, and I became a fan.


The band consists of three siblings named Kitty Daisy and Lewis. The band plays what might be classified as rockabilly music, but that isn’t exactly a good label for their music either. They stick with simple fun bass, guitar, and drum music. Sometimes they add a little piano to the mix. But the music is classic rock and roll.

With songs like Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me, the band uses the simple rhythms and lyrics that talk about how someone has broken vows and promises. It has a real bluesy feel to it. You know those songs you listen to when someone has stomped on your heart, and you’ve decided enough is enough. And it’s time to tell them how you fell.

The band also does a great cover of Going Up The Country. They definitely add their unique touch, and it took me a little while to figure out why the song sounded so familiar. It’s a fun song to listen to.

Since the band is from the UK, most of their shows are in Europe, but I hope that at some point in time they will tour the US again so I can hear them play live. I’m sure it will be a fun show.