Dear Georgianna

21 Nov

You know how you feel when you realize that a relationship isn’t going to work out, and you say it’s time to move on? But at the same time you just can’t. Everywhere you go you see other people having a good time, and you want to but you just can’t. Well that’s what Dear Georgianna’s new song Get Over You is all about. It’s a song that most everybody can relate to, and it’s the perfect song to listen to when you are going through break up recovery.

But not all of her music is about breaking up. Her song Wanna Be In Love has a real pop feel to it. Not the hyped up feel of current pop music, but the feel of the 60’s pop music. It’s fun to listen to. And she has a great voice. It’s a little bit sweet and a little bit sad at the same time.

This is a girl to keep your eye on, because I’m sure she will be around the music scene for quite a while.

Red Hook Summer

20 Nov

I’ve always found Spike Lee’s movies to be both entertaining and thought provoking, so of course I like them. And Red Hook Summer is no exception. The movie is about a young man who goes to visit his grandfather for the first time. Flick, the young man, is a vegan, who loves using his ipad to make videos. His grandfather is a preacher at one of the local small churches in Brooklyn. The movie explores the differences between the two, and how much the young man has to learn in life. And one of the lessons he has to learn is how people sometimes make huge mistakes in their lives and how people deal with it when others learn about their mistakes.


I loved the way the movie looked with all the bright colors in an area you normally don’t associate with color. Movies shot in the city usually try to use darker tones. I also enjoyed the twist in the plot when the preacher’s secret is revealed to the community. This is a great movie for people who want to see what life in the inner city might be like. There is some violence, in the movie, so it probably isn’t a movie for children.

Dear Mr. Clemente

19 Nov

I don’t know if you have heard about the recent typhoon called Haiyan that hit The Philippines or not, but it was flat out awful. Robert, I hope you don’t mind if I use your first name. I know that during your lifetime you spent time during your off season from baseball doing a lot of charity work. You donated time, baseball equipment, and of course that valued commodity food to those in need. In fact you were en route to deliver assistance to individuals who were affected by an earthquake in Nicaragua. So, I figure you might be a good person to get an opinion from about who is to blame for all of the devastation in those islands.


Now, I know that nobody can be blamed for a storm occurring, but how emergencies are handled is something people can be blamed for isn’t it? There are individuals stating that corruption among government is the reason for the devastating impact of the storm. Personally, I think that was part of the problem, but do you think that maybe the limited financial resources of the country may be a problem. While The Philippines isn’t the poorest nation on earth, I’m sure they don’t have loads of money there either. So how do they pay for the extra safety features in building that would help prevent some of this damage?

There are also individuals blaming looters for the problem. Really? I mean they are making things worse, but I think a lot of them are probably just looking for food and water. I think it’s more appropriate to blame people for not listening to warnings about the storm, but hey what do I know?
And Roberto can you answer the most important question, why do we keep seeing this same thing happen over and over? We’ve seen it happen in New Orleans, and now The Philippines, why can’t more be done to prepare for these catastrophes?

Anyway, Roberto, I hope you let me know what you think of all of this and how we can avoid some of this in the future.

Close Your Eyes

18 Nov

Close Your Eyes is the perfect book for reading to a child before bed. The book is about a tiger who tells her kit to close his eyes and go to sleep. The little tiger doesn’t want to go sleep because of all the things he will miss, and he is afraid of the dark. His mother gently reminds him of all the things he can see in his dreams, and that he has no need to fear because she is near.
This is a sweet children’s book. The illustrations by Georg Hallensleben are wonderful.
close your eyes
They use loads of color, and they have a little dreamy quality which is perfect for a children’s book. The message of the book is also sweet. That a child doesn’t have to miss out on life during their sleep, they are just experiencing it in another way. For all of you with children, check this book out.

Salam Pax

17 Nov

A couple of years ago during the Iraq War, there was a blogger in Iraq who inspired a song by Don Arbor. The song is titled Salam Pax. I have to admit I was just introduced to Don Arbor’s music, and this song really made an impression on me. The song is a peace anthem that really shows that Don has some strong beliefs about what should be like. It’s a song worth listening to, and the video is great. In fact it won a couple of awards.

Don’s other music is fairly diverse some of his songs like Another Day in Paradise are about a lazy day relaxing. While other songs are about the bigger issues in life, if you haven’t heard his music watch the video and visit his website to learn more about his music.don arbor

World Without End

15 Nov

I recently watched the mini-series World Without End, which is based on the book by Ken Follett. The story centers around the English town of Kingsbridge. It follows the citizens of the town through the changes in the world at the time of the Black Death. I read the book so I wasn’t sure if I would like the series or not, but I was pleasantly surprised by the series. The series remained faithful to the book, which is something I appreciated.

world without end

I really enjoyed this series because it didn’t romanticize life during that time. This is no trip to Medieval Times or a Renaissance Fair. It shows that life was really hard during that time. The decisions of those in power could cost you dearly. And you never knew exactly who was going to be in power. Things shifted constantly, and those shifts could make a hard life almost impossible to live. This series isn’t for those with weak stomachs or sensitive ears. There is a lot of violence. But then again they were violent times. And the language might offend some individuals with sensitive ears. But I don’t believe the author or creators of the series are using either just to gain attention. Both were part of everyday life in that time frame. Battles were bloody, and well how do you show life during the time of the Black Death without showing how ugly the disease was?

Both the story and the characters in the series are well developed, and intelligent. It shows that while life has become easier in oh so many ways, people haven’t changed that much. There are good people, and there are bad people, but most of the time people are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.

If you haven’t seen the series I recommend it to all of you, but keep in mind the warnings about the language and violence if you are easily offended by these things. And if you’ve seen the series let me know what you thought of it.

The Baboons

14 Nov

It always surprises me when I hear great Rockabilly music from Europe. I don’t know why maybe because it’s such an American form of music. Or maybe it’s because Rockabilly was the very beginnings of Rock and Roll, and once again it’s American. But The Baboons there are loads of great Rockabilly bands in Europe, and The Baboons are one of them.

The song Drinkin’ Gasoline definitely has that Johnny Cash guitar feel to it. The song is all about a break up, and things have gone bad in someone’s life. It’s classic rockabilly. But the guitar work in the song is what really made me love the song.
the baboons
Their website says they will be touring the US soon, and I sincerely hope they visit a city near me so that I have a chance to hear them play because I think it would be an awesome show.

Remarkable Creatures Review

13 Nov

In the past I’ve enjoyed reading Tracy Chevalier’s books, so when I saw the book Remarkable Creatures, I thought this is a book I definitely need to read.


The book starts out in with Elizabeth Philpot moving to a small seaside town in England. She soon meets a young girl named Mary Anning. Mary is an unusual girl for the 1800’s, she has a talent for finding fossils. Even though Mary is uneducated, she has a vast knowledge of the fossils in the area. Elizabeth spends time with Mary hunting fossils. When Mary finds an unusual fossil find her life begins to take a different course than the other girls in the town. Little does she know that she will become an expert in the field of fossils, and that she will develop a life-long friendship with Elizabeth.

I really loved this book for many reasons. Chevalier is able to tell a really great story that holds my attention. The book has really strong female characters who march to the beat of a different drummer. In their day Mary and Elizabeth were quite odd because they chose a life of fossil hunting. Mary chose it as a livelihood, and Elizabeth chose it as a hobby. And Mary becomes an expert in the field. This is quite a feat for a poor young woman in the 1800’s. The book also shows a time when the world is changing. Long held beliefs are being challenged by Mary’s finds. 

Dear Sid

12 Nov

sid and nancy

I am wondering if you could give me some relationship advice today. I know that your relationship with your girlfriend Nancy Spurgeon was kind of rocky, so I plan to kind of sort through what you say. It’s more like what shouldn’t I do in order to make a relationship work.I’m sorry if this kind of offends you, but even you would have to admit that your relationship with Nancy was something less than healthy. Please tell me how did you and Nancy handle disagreements? The two of you are often portrayed as being drugged up constantly, so was that a reason that the two of you argued the day that you were accused of stabbing her? It must have been so sad for you to be accused of this. I wonder if you really remember what happened that day, or was it all a fog? And with all of the problems the two of you had, how did you agree to a death pact? I was felt sad when I learned about how you and Nancy died, and I thought you should know the music world is a little less fantastic without you in it.


11 Nov

Leadsucker is one of those great punk bands that pretty much nobody knows about. The Ohio based band was started by PJ Hearn  after he felt a need to be able to say what he thought about what is going on in the world. And in their album debut album Burn the group says exactly what it thinks.


Like a lot of punk music the songs on the album are short and straightforward. Most of the songs on the album are a minute or under, but the length of the songs doesn’t matter. The music gets it’s point across. The group is mad about how the government often views individuals as numbers and statistics instead of viewing them as individuals.

The song America Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You points out that the government doesn’t always do what’s best for the people, but that it often does what is best for the government. The song is angry, and the lyrics will probably make more than a few people unhappy. But isn’t that part of the point of punk? Punk was started by individuals who didn’t fit in anywhere and viewed the world a little different than your average joe.

I really like this album because it encourages people not to just accept what they are being told, but to think for themselves. And that sometimes when we think for ourselves we come up with an opinion that is not liked by everyone. If you’re a fan of punk or heavy metal, you should really give this band a listen because the album is sure to make you think.