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The Baboons

14 Nov

It always surprises me when I hear great Rockabilly music from Europe. I don’t know why maybe because it’s such an American form of music. Or maybe it’s because Rockabilly was the very beginnings of Rock and Roll, and once again it’s American. But The Baboons there are loads of great Rockabilly bands in Europe, and The Baboons are one of them.

The song Drinkin’ Gasoline definitely has that Johnny Cash guitar feel to it. The song is all about a break up, and things have gone bad in someone’s life. It’s classic rockabilly. But the guitar work in the song is what really made me love the song.
the baboons
Their website says they will be touring the US soon, and I sincerely hope they visit a city near me so that I have a chance to hear them play because I think it would be an awesome show.

Whatcha Been Listening To?

13 Oct

Here’s some of the music I’ve found interesting recently. I absolutely love Cambodian Space Project. I mean the name alone makes you think what is going on? I’m not really sure what they are saying as they are singing, but the music is just so much fun. And well come on how can you go wrong with a name like that? When I looked around to find more information about the band, I found that one of the band’s purposes is to preserve the 60’s pop music of Cambodia. But the band also writes music of its own. The fast beats of the songs just make you want to get up and dance. If you are looking for fun music that is a little different than what is heard on the radio. Check these guys out they are fabulous. I just hope they make a tour to the US. I’d be surprised if they came to my town, it’s just not big enough for the band to visit, but I’d travel to see them. They are that good.


Watch their video and you can see just how great they are.