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Dear Barbarians

4 Nov

Since this is National Waiting for the Barbarians Day, I have been waiting around the house to see you. But it’s getting late and you haven’t arrived. I know that throughout history you Barbarians have not been known for your good manners, but I just thought I would let you know in this day and age it is considered quite rude if you don’t show up for appointments. I know back in your heyday in 410 A. D. people did not lead really busy lives, but in this day and age we all have people to see and places to go. I’m sure that you all can understand this.


I do have to admit that even though I was waiting for you, I am glad that you did not come and lay siege to the city I live in. That just causes a lot of problems for the general population. Like those poor people who live in Rome. Did they really deserve to be starved? So next year on National Waiting for the Barbarians Day, please make sure that you arrive on time, and there is no need for a siege. I’m sure we can all site down like civilized individuals.