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Dear Margaret Mitchell

15 Dec

Dear Margaret Mitchell
Can you believe it’s been 84 years since the premiere of your work Gone With the Wind on the big screen in Atlanta? And I hear that there was some party that was thrown in Atlanta for that premiere. I was wondering if you had trouble finding a dress that you really liked for that premiere? I know that you were 4’ 11” tall, and sometimes finding clothes for a short person can be a little challenging. I am taller than you were, and sometimes it is such a pain to have to get dresses, pants, and skirts hemmed. I’ve just always been a little curious about that.


But what I really wanted to ask you was what did you think when Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award for her performance as best supporting actress in Gone With the Wind? I mean she was a great character in the movie, and Hattie did a great job of portraying the character. Did you believe that she actually did a great job in the movie and deserved the award, or were you one of those people who said she only won the award because she wasn’t allowed to attend the premiere? It seemed a little unfair of the city of Atlanta not to allow one of the stars of the movie not to attend the movie because of her race. Those segregation laws you all had were kind of foolish in my opinion.
But somehow I think you might have thought segregation was alright. I mean Gone with the Wind really did
romanticize the south during the pre-civil war era. So it kind of leads me to think that you felt that excluding Hattie from the celebrations was okay. It seems like that was pretty disrespectful to me, and if you didn’t believe that it acceptable wasn’t there something you could have said or done to ensure that she was able to attend the premiere. I mean you were the reason that the premiere was going on after all.

I hope that you haven’t found my questions to be too judgemental, I’m just trying to find out what your thoughts on the matter were. And if you could let me know where to get a great dress for the horizontally challenged I’d appreciate that too.