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Another State of Mind: Social Distortion, Youth Brigade and Minor Threat

28 Dec

Another State of Mind is the 1982 documentary about the punk bands Social Distortion, Youth Brigade and Minor Threat’s tour. This movie shows how the ambitious desire to bring their music to the different punk communities throughout the country.

another state of mind

 Another State of Mind

Another State of Mind focuses in on these bands, and the communities they visit during the documentary. It some footage from the bands shows. But most importantly it shows how diverse the punk community was at the time. It shows how different individuals became involve in the punk scene. And it shows how the bands really did want to make their shows about more than money.

Unfortunately, the bands had a few lessons to learn on their trip. One being that money is a little more important than they realized.

I watched Another State of Mind several years ago. Umm, more than I would care to admit. And I liked it then, but as I watched the documentary again, I remembered the time when punk really was about an attitude you had, and not about style. It really was about marching to your own beat. And that is one of the things I liked so much about punk rock.

If you’ve never seen Another State of Mind, and you enjoy seeing what music was like back in the day, you should definitely check out this film.

My Blueberry Nights Review

22 Dec

My Blueberry Nights is a 2007 movie with a romantic storyline. The story revolves around Elizabeth who goes into a bakery after her affair comes to an end. The café owner Jeremy listens to Elizabeth’s story, and he provides her with comfort through blueberry pie. Each evening Elizabeth comes to see if your ex has come to pick the keys that were left at the diner. And each evening Jeremy informs her that he has not. Over the course of time the two develop a friendship. And then one day Elizabeth doesn’t show up.

my blueberry nights

My Blueberry Nights (The Miriam Collection)

Elizabeth has decided that she needs to see some different things in life. She leaves for Memphis, and she begins sending Jeremy postcards about her life in Memphis. Jeremy realizes that he misses Elizabeth, and he begins to contact all the places she could be working at in Memphis with no luck. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is learning a few life lessons about relationships.

Then Elizabeth decides to move on to another destination. She moves to Las Vegas. Yes, in Sin City Elizabeth makes a friend with a gambler, and she learns a few lessons on trust. And after her adventures in Las Vegas she decides to return to New York.

This movie is packed full of great actors. Jude Law, Kevin Spacey and Natlie Portman are a few members of the cast. So you know the story isn’t lightweight. And the film won several awards at the Cannes Film Festival that year.
So did the movie deserve all those awards? In my opinion My Blueberry Nights did deserve the praise it received. I loved how the film basically had three stories that connected. Elizabeth was the connecting point in each story, but the movie is actually three different individuals stories. I liked that each of the individuals was flawed. It made the individuals interesting. And it was really interesting to see how these flawed individuals lives affected Elizabeth.

I am a person who loves to see how people change, and I was sad when two of the characters in the movie didn’t change. But they do teach Elizabeth valuable life lessons so their inability or unwillingness to change is necessary.

I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a romantic story with a few twists and turn. If you enjoy movies that take you to different locations this one is also for you. And if you want to see Natlie Portman play a quite different role than the one she played in the Star Wars prequels, you will definitely enjoy My Blueberry Nights.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

3 Nov

I know this movie is a couple of years old, but I love Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Ordinarily if a movie is based on a comic book, I think to myself “Oh, no, they are going to screw this up so bad.” But this movie is fun to watch. Scott Pilgrim is an ordinary guy who plays in a band. He meets a girl, and then the story takes off. He finds out that he must defeat her seven x’s in order for them to be together. Scott who is doesn’t have any superpowers, but he battles the x’s. And as the story goes on he grows as an individual.

Now, why did I like this movie so much? Well, I’ll tell you. First it has a little bit of a girly feel to it. You know the self-growth love story thing. But it also has the comic book feel to it. The movie uses letters that jump out at you. I love the scene where Knives, one of Scott’s love interests, gets punched by one of the x’s. He hits her so hard that it knocks the highlights out of her hair. You can actually see the blue highlights splattered behind her. The characters are also kind of quirky. Scott has some weird fears. Like he hasn’t paid anyone to cut his hair for a year. Why? Because three hours before a girlfriend broke up with him he had his hair cut by a beautician. He believes it’s kind of connected. It’s little things like that that make the movie fun for me.

I also loved the music in the movie. It features a lot of alternative bands like Blue Red Shoes, Broken Social Scene, and Metric. The music fits the movie, and it’s great to hear different bands in a movie.

Since the movie is based out of Toronto, it didn’t have that Hollywood overdone feel to it. It had more of a DIY feel to it. It’s not an independent film, but it had that kind of feel.

So if you’re looking for a movie that is just a little bit out of the ordinary check this one out.Image