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Zombie Ghost Train

25 Nov

I started watching the Walking Dead series on Netflix. I haven’t gotten through the entire series yet, but I decided that I should share a little Zombie music with everyone. And Zombie Ghost Train is the band I’ve chosen.

Dealing the Death Card

While the band is no longer together, it made an impact on the psychobilly world. The bands are reported to have been great fun. And if you can’t tell from the band’s name, the music deals with zombies and such. It’s fast music like most rockabilly music, but psychobilly is a sub group of the rockabilly world. And it has attracted fans from the goth world too. So you can just imagine that the shows were pretty rowdy.

But their music is so much fun, and that is why they are still a group I enjoy listening to. The song Graveyard Queen is actually a love song. Where the singer is singing about his love who has died and she is now the Graveyard Queen.  The tempo of the song is fast, so it makes it a fun song.

I’ve heard reports that the lead singer of this band has formed a new spaghetti western band, and I hope that is true because if the new band has the entertainment value that Zombie Ghost Train has it will certainly be something I want to listen to.