Cat Eye Makeup

15 Aug

I’ve always been fascinated by cat eye makeup. It could be due to my love of cats, but I also think it looks really cool. It’s part of my fascination with the 60’s I think. But I never think the way I do it looks quite right. So I found two tutorials that I though I would share with everyone to improve that cat eye makeup look.

I love how she does her eyes. She makes it look so simple.

And here is another simple tutorial from Younique.

Sexy (under brow). Precocious (in upper crease). Glamorous (in lower crease and outer v formation). Heavenly (on eye lid). Playful (used wet as bottom liner). Corrupted (used wet as top liner). Infatuated (used wet as eyebrow color). 2 Concealer colors used on face and around eyes: Fabulous (used wet as concealer/foundation) and Foxy (used dry as a blending concealer).


So tell me what you think of the tutorials, and if you like cat eye makeup.



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